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Government & Public Sectors


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Transport & Logistics


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Communications & Media


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Healthcare & Fitness


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Banking & Insurance


Customer Satisfaction is the topmost priority of our organization.

We provide innovation consulting to all our patrons aligning with their requirements and at par with the industry trends. We believe in experiments and innovations and that is why, every single product developed by us is an amalgamation of robust built quality, innovative, UI-friendly and quirky design. We highly emphasize in exploiting new innovations in technology.

Case Studies

Our projects exemplify our excellence as an innovation consulting company. Here are some of our Web Design and Digital Marketing projects:

ERP for SMEs

We are proud designers of Eazespot, an all-in-one collaborative platform that makes the task of resource planning hassle-free for the SME’s. We employed new innovation in technology to design the platform and integrated it with amazing tools like email, task, chats, calendar, sales pipeline management, and data drive, thereby eliminating the need to work on multiple platforms.

Event Web Portal

We provided innovation consulting to the company by creating a robust event portal for them. An integrated platform was created to manage the events via automation. We offered an array of smart solutions for company’s event including software for online registration and management, on-site event solutions, a host of mobile apps for the event, web surveys and e-mail marketing.

Event Web Portal

GIFLIF or Great Indian Film and Literature Festival (GIFLIF) is the country’s first Film and Literature Festival. We created an even web portal for the festival that enhanced its online presence and was used in booking tickets and keeping the people updated on the events.

Mentorship Portal

We created a one-of-its-kind mentorship platform, Success Factory that has a huge list of mentors providing training across various disciplines. The platform allows the users (mentees) to look for a suitable mentor by going through a list of available mentors and choosing the most suitable one. This platform is available both on the web and on Android.

AI Based Fitness App

This project particularly exemplifies our notion of exploiting new innovations in technology. We created an amazing fitness app, Mito that works on unique algorithms that analyses and adapts to your fitness routine so as to provide suggestions pertaining to staying active and healthy. The app feeds personal data, habits, and psychology of the users to the software that provides customized solutions based on the algorithms.

Social App For Divynagjans

We took one step forward in incorporating new innovations in technology by creating an easy-to-use app for the differently-abled people. This app termed as Divyangjans is integrated with audio notes technology that converts the textual data into audio notes so that these people can use the app seamlessly. The app is available in the dual language and the font size is adjustable thereby making it a user-friendly app.

Entertainment Zone


CaféMarathi is a one-stop entertainment portal in Marathi. The entire platform ranging from the initial branding to the website and mobile applications was designed by us catering to the needs of the patrons and aligning with industry standards.

Library Automation Software

The renowned ITC Group turned to us to create a digital library. We exploited new innovations in technology to create an automated library that works without a librarian. The entire process takes place through AI and smart analytics that sets reminders and provides real-time tracking.

School Management System

We created School Management Software (SMS) for the efficacious management of student data and working of the school. The SMS contains resources like registration, enrollment, attendance, scheduling, exam resources and grading that aids the educators in planning and delivering the education more effectively.

ERP Modules

KBI, a leading indigenous Fashion house, approached us to enhance their ERP. We created ERP modules for the company whereby we automated the entire sales department by the use of new innovations in technology. Our ERP modules integrated with their existing ERP. It provides an array of analytics to serves as a CRM system, employee performance tracker, and quotation planner.

Talking App

We stood by our guiding principle of exploiting new innovation in technology and revolutionized the conventional test-drive experience by creating a ‘Talking Car’ for Mercedes. This car works on AI and is integrated with advanced sensors that detect the actions of the customers during the drive and accordingly explains its features in real-time thereby providing an extraordinary test-drive.

Home Automation System

We designed AIOTA, a smart home automation solution. The interface of the app is user-friendly, captivating and convenient. This product is integrated with machine learning tools that provide bespoke solutions to the users. The users can also control the system via voice commands.