Smart Devices

Smarter your product, smarter is your business


Smart Devices

The Internet of things has totally hit the world by storm. It is one of the emerging innovative technologies whereby the correlated machines and computer devices operate without the intervention of human-to-human or human-to-machine interference. The applications of IoT and smart solutions can be seen in almost any field ranging from customer, businesses to the government organizations. It has totally changed the manner in which technology affects our mundane lives.

The connected devices make the life convenient but the underlying designing principle and the design process is complicated. The connected devices pose a huge challenge to both the designers and the engineers. You thus, need an expert who can provide smart solutions and create stellar devices that have proper connections between them. Who else can be a better smart solutions provider than Maxtron. With a legacy of a decade and a team of sheer professionals driven by innovation, we are proud to announce ourselves as the best company to offer smart solutions. Our team members work as an integrated force and deploy their extensive knowledge of IoT to deliver smart solutions.

Connected devices make life easier but making them can be difficult. That’s where we come in.

We create smart devices for different industries. Our devices are integrated with smart technology so as to enhance the operations. Some of the advantages of deploying innovative technologies include:


  • It promotes machine-to-machine interaction which leads to high-quality output and greter productivity.
  • The smart devices are built using robust infrastructure that requires little or no human interference. This facilitates automation, greater control and enhanced efficiency
  • The devices allow a grater flow of information that facilitate the decision-making process
  • It facilitates communication of machines with each other thereby saving human efforts, time, resources and money. The humans can utilized the saved time in performing more important tasks.
  • The smart devices can be very much helpful in keeping a track on things in real-time. This helps in generating excellent results
  • The smart devices analyze consumer trends, customer interaction and needs that help in designing business strategies that caters to the consumer’s needs.

Case Study – Past Works

In-vehicle experiential zone

We’ve revolutionized the traditional test-drive experience by creating a ‘Talking Car’. The car which adorns a new power to explain its own features to the customers as the software and hardware installed detects the actions of the customer during the drive is truly a mindblowing experience, and it also describes its relevant features real time.

Home Automation 

AIOTA is a truly intelligent home automation product. By deploying machine learning, it is able to provide personalized solutions to the user. Moreover, it also enables the control of devices through voice commands. The app interface was made so convenient, user-friendly and visually appealing to all kinds of users.