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Retail and Ecommerce Website Development

The customers of the present generation are intelligent buyers who surf through different websites and utilize price comparison tools to buy their selected product at the best price in the market. They expect the retailers to provide quick, reliable, consistent and seamless interactions whether in stores, online platforms, websites or via mobile applications. Thus, the retailers require superior quality retail and ecommerce website development to garner better customer satisfaction rate.

We at Maxtron have our team of proficient and experienced web developers who’ll assist the retailers in building a robust and scalable website. In order to offer best in class retail and ecommerce website development services, we utilize cutting-edge technologies and data analytics to find your customer’s needs so as to develop solutions that garner 100% customer satisfaction. Better insights pertaining to customers can even help in strengthening the collaboration with supply chain team.

We provide magneto ecommerce website development services to those retailers who want control over the look, functionality, and content of the website as the cart, payment system and all the pages are customizable. Our team provides magneto ecommerce development with enhanced UX and customer interaction to provide a seamless shopping experience. If you want to build a website on WordPress, then you can opt for woocommerce development. Our team members have the know-how of different plugins and extensions of woocomerce and we can help in developing a user-friendly woccommerce store.

Solutions by Maxtron 

Inventory Management & Surveillance solution

We develop Inventory Management Software which automates the process of management of stocks and provides real-time tracking and updating. You can easily track your inventory with the help of this inventory management software. It even provides notifications when the stocks of any item are near exhaustion. We provide video surveillance solution that adds to the benefit as it lets you monitor the warehouse and stores.

Omni Channel Retail solution

Omnichannel Retailing provides better and seamless shopping experience to the customers as it lets the retailers serve across various channels both offline and online. We offer Omnichannel commerce development services whereby we’ll make your website suitable and accessible from various devices including Android, iOS, PC etc.

Customer Experience Tracking

Insights pertaining to customer’s experience can be useful in reinforcing the entire website design and making better business decisions. We track your customer’s experience and provide useful data that can, later on, be used in strengthening the existing infrastructure. The customer’s experience can be easily tracked using customer management software.

Financial Forecast Intelligence

We make use of predictive analytics tools for retail finance. These tools are used to predict the future customer needs so that you can deliver the products accordingly. The predictive analytics tools for retail finance determine the future trends and analyze the amount of finance that would be required in the future to perform the required tasks.

Consumer Interaction Insights

The customer interaction insights help in finding out the expectations of the customers so that you can achieve 100% customer satisfaction. We can make use of business intelligence reporting that will provide customer interactions insights to the businesses from time to time.

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