Maxtron Labs

A dedicated inhouse research centre

Maxtron Labs is our in-house research team that constantly research, analyze the requirements of the clients and dig out useful insights pertaining to their business so as to create well-customized solutions.  We devise robust, sophisticated, secure, scalable and state-of-the-art software solutions for organizations of all sizes. We believe in innovation and that is why we deploy cutting-edge technologies and high-tech tools in developing an array of products ranging from mobile apps to automated systems.

We guide our efforts in creating an affable and motivating work environment. We relentlessly make huge investments in training our employees, extending a host of amenities, and in exploiting up-to-the-minute technologies. Maxtron Labs is a rewarding place for our employees where they are enthused to work. It is an Innovation Hub that encompasses a collaborative environment and focuses on buttressing interaction and learning.


JavaScripts & Frameworks

We have country’s best Javascript developers in our team who employ their know-how and skills in developing captivating and user-friendly web and mobile interfaces using any framework. Over the past 7 years, our engineers have developed more than 500 apps using different Javascript frameworks.


Web Technologies

We have a team of prolific and experienced web engineers who provide top-notch innovative consulting. They can create an amazing digital experience to augment the web presence of both the startups and leading brands. We have expertise in full stack web marketplaces, web applications, platforms, and API platforms.


Mobile Technologies

Regarded as one of the top-rated mobile app product development company, we develop intriguing, user-friendly, pixel perfect and feature-laden apps for our clients. Our team is working on this domain since 2008 and has successfully created a multitude of apps for both global and indigenous clients.


Database Technologies

We have a team of experienced database managers, designers, developers, architects, and administrators.  They exploit their knowledge to build scalable data systems both for the structured and unstructured data.  We can store and manage the company’s database on-premise or on-cloud. Our data engineers provide intelligent solutions to cater different types of data. They have past experience of handling petabytes of data for fortune 500 companies and have built their Bigdata platforms.


Cloud Technologies

We provide a cloud platform to all the clients that they can leverage to store their business data and manage the businesses efficaciously. So, whether you are migrating to a cloud-based platform or are looking to manage an existing cloud platform, our engineers are ready to offer innovation consulting in the domain. They can develop perfect strategies for cloud implementation.    


Content Management System

We help the publishers and content development firms in creating or managing a Content Management System (CMS) where all their content writers can collaborate in real-time. Our engineers have rich experience in developing and managing an array of open source CMS. You can seek their expertise to get a robust CMS system developed.


Testing Technologies & Tools 

The quality is an imperative aspect of any product whether an application or a software. We have an in-house team consisting test engineers. They test every application for its quality, ease of usage, navigation, and utility. The test engineers define their test strategy, write test cases, and conduct test cases both manually and automatically to ensure top-notch quality. Our team has automated close to 100k test cases using Selenium.


Designing Tools & Technologies

We have best designers in our team who possess a decade of experience in using different designing tools and techniques. We make use of cutting-edge technologies to design interfaces, apps, websites and other tools.


Practices we follow

Agile Practice

We follow an agile practice where our team constantly evaluates the products, monitors them and apply improvisations so as to create masterpieces.


Consultative Approach

While delivering innovation consulting, we emphasize on providing quirky and innovative ideas that are based on our past experience.


Performance Reports

We believe in providing utmost transparency. That is why we keep our clients updated on the status and progress of their project.


Personal Assistance

During the project lifecycle, our project managers keep in touch with you to keep the project streamlined.