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About Maxtron

Maxtron Innovations is a globally operational firm that provides Digital Product Engineering Services and Innovation Consulting.  The company was incepted by a team of IITians with a vision to help the firms in sustaining the competition by reinforcing their existing infrastructure through the integration of new innovations in technology. Our panel of experts employs their know-how in deploying innovative solutions that encourage upliftment of the businesses. We are haulers of technology-driven approach. We use Data Analytics to provide useful insights pertaining to the business that can be used to plan impressive strategies that can optimize your businesses. Our team of expert designers, technologists and strategists work meticulously to transform your business ideas into a robust and high-on-performance product.


Empowering our clientele by infusing innovations in technology into their business processes.


It is the need of the hour for the business to keep pace with technological changes as it increases their productivity, profitability, and competitiveness. That is why a host of companies turn to us. We make use of state-of-the-art tools and technologies including AI, Data Analytics, Cloud and IoT to take businesses to greater heights of success. We help the companies by enhancing their efficiency, brand’s visibility, and usability. Our R&D (Research and Development) team, “Maxtron Labs” formulates a roadmap to design and technological aspects so that we launch an innovative product in the market that stands out from your competitors in every aspect. Maxtron Labs facilitates you further by giving a well-planned blueprint for the entire lifecycle of the project.  Over the past few years, we have worked with top companies including PWC, IBM, Adobe, Deutsche Bank, Ogilvy & Mather, Mullenlowe Lintas which has given us the momentum. Our testimonials speak of the level of professionalism and quality that we deploy in every project.


Our gamut of services that deploy new innovations in technology


We provide innovation consulting in an array of services including:



Our leadership team that experiments with new innovations in technology


Driven by excellence, the guiding principle of our organization is to experiment with new innovations in technology.  Our leadership team consists of adept and creative individuals and visionaries who emphasize on out-of-the-box ideas. We have proficient technologists, strategists, marketers, managers, data analyzers and communicators who add their know-how and skills to every single project developed by us. We believe in a symbiotic relationship so we help your businesses to grow which in turn facilitates our growth. So, choose us for innovation consultancy if you wish to transform your vision into reality.


Client Demographics

Leading Team

Our leadership them involves some of the top visionary, creative and strategic minds. They extend their passion by working and growing with Maxtron.

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Girish Ahirwar

Director- Growth & Processes
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Prashant Ahirwar

Director- Strategy
Team – Website-03

Sriram Sarad Samoju

Director- Projects
Team – Website-04

Karan Bedi

Director- Technology
Team – Website-06

Bhaskar Saikia

VP- Digital Strategy
Team – Website-05

Abhishek Jha

VP - Analytics
Team – Website-07

Ranak Choudhuri

VP- Communications
Team – Website-08

Anshul Sharma

VP - Technology