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The technology has impacted almost every sector and enhanced the efficiency and accessibility of healthcare services. Healthcare and Fitness is one such sector that along with technology can improve the provision of services and enhance the quality of life. With the ever-rising health issues, there is a dire need to improve the infrastructure of existing healthcare services and improve the patients experience while levying a rational cost. This can be possible by integrating technology into the systems, as in case of healthcare app development .

We at Maxtron follow innovative approaches and solutions to bring about a significant transformation in the sector so as to facilitate the way healthcare information is recorded and exchanged and to develop patient-centric solutions. We provide a gamut of services including healthcare app development, pharmacy app development, quality assurance system, medical billing system, hospital management system, and fitness app development.

Solutions by Maxtron 

Hospital/Clinic Management Solutions

It is a daunting task to manage the operations, customer records and accounting of a multi-facility hospital. However, hospital management solutions can assist in efficaciously managing the functioning of the hospitals. Maxtron can develop hospital management system software which is a web-based software for hospital management. It includes doctors’ schedule, stocks, occupancy details, patients’ details, payment module, test reports, pharmacy, and laboratory. It tracks all the activities performed by the doctors or the hospital administrators and includes a section where appointments can be made by checking doctor’s availability. We also offer hospital billing software for keeping a record of the transactions and for seamless billing.

Patient Health Account Management

We provide hospital management system where all the details of the patients are stored. An account of the patient is created and whenever he visits the hospital, the previous data are analyzed so as to provide best medical solutions.  You can also choose our healthcare app development services to manage patient’s account.

Public Heath Assessment

We develop a quality assurance system that acts a public health assessment tool. The system evaluates the hospital for hazardous substances and ensures that it is safe for the visitants and patients.

Daily Fitness Tracking

Maxtron is involved in fitness app development. The fitness app is a web application provided by the hospitals to their patients so that they can easily track their health and can contact the preferred doctor in case of emergency.

At Maxtron, we go for fitness app development for the patients so that they can easily track their health on a daily basis. Hence, we create fitness apps for our clients which will add to the features of the hospital or clinic and attract more patients towards it.

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