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At Maxtron, we believe in deploying new innovations in technology and we continuously seek for adept professionals that can utilize their know-how and ingenious thoughts in creating an innovative product. We offer both internship and full-time working opportunities to the skilled professionals. Discover a host of opportunities and grab the one that will shore up your future endeavors.  


Maxtron Labs Internship Program

Through this program, we offer internships to the young and dynamic candidates. We assign our interns with real and challenging projects so that they get hands-on experience that can sharpen their skills and contribute to their professional growth. We rely on our interns’ skills, insights, and quirky ideas to deliver innovative projects into the market. Our internship programs are offered in various product areas. We give you several opportunities to show off your skills and leverage progressive technologies. So, join us today, discover your niche and grow with us.

What Opportunities do we offer?

The eligible inventive and skillful candidate will get opportunities to work on real projects alongside experienced Maxtron inventors so as to create the next big thing. You get to learn a host of field-centric skills and get exposure to cutting-edge technologies.

We’ll create different teams consisting of 2-4 students whereby each team will develop a quirky business and technology plan to launch a new product into the market in the same year. The team interns can even devise a prototype of a product that will be launched after 2-3 years of experimenting.

As a Maxtron intern, you’ll get to manage the projects. You’ll have to ensure that the project is following the timelines, quality standards and meeting the outlined objectives. You may even liaison with the clients, understand their needs and propose a bespoke, innovative and robust solution.

Full time Career

We offer Full-Time career opportunities to selected candidates who have the zeal to experiment with technologies, beat their own records and experiment like a crazy tech geek so as to bring about a major evolution in the world. If you are one of those, then apply for any current opening right away!

When it comes to our values, employees are always at the top of the list.

Innovation is the cornerstone of our business. That is why we create and foster an environment where our employees are constantly motivated to experiment with groundbreaking ideas. We empower our employees to create a work ambiance that suffices their needs. We seek to create an innovation-driven environment. Our efforts in this regard range from creating clubs where employees make their own electric vehicles, to organizing programmes that enthuse the new-gen inventors.