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In this era, the gaming and betting industry is at the apex. The industry has witnessed a major rise with the inception of android devices. However, the industry faces a drawback due to the issues of the complex web regulatory requirements that need to be fulfilled within the given time. In such a scenario of intense competition and regulation by the jurisdictions, a game with impressive UI, compliance, scalability, and flexible architecture can only succeed. That is exactly what we’ll offer. We are a leading game development company in India.

We provide well-tailored solutions to the gaming companies that help them excel. Our team includes video game developers who can create highly interactive games.  We provide an array of game development services including android game development, iOS game development, HTML5 game development, android game development and many more.

Jurisdiction Compliance

Our experts are accustomed to statutory requirements and make sure that the game aligns with these requirements. They even perform a pre-test of the game before submitting it to Accredited Testing Facilities which saves the time required to launch it into the market.

Custom Gaming & Betting Platform

Our team members facilitate in developing such platforms that can easily handle several transactions and ample of data.

Multi Distribution Channels

Our team members can develop games for almost any platform. Our services include HTML5 game development, android game development, 3D game development and many more.

Animation & VFX Studio

We offer incredible and captivating animations and VFX that makes the game garner customer appreciation.

Solutions by Maxtron 

Game Development

A legion of the population consists of crazy gamers. This has given a hike to the gaming and betting industry. If you are a game making website, then you can seek our expertise. We provide game development service whereby our team of adept game developers will develop a user-friendly, attention-grabbing, fully-animated, and captivating game. We provide mobile game development and online game development services whereby we can create games catering to different platforms including Windows, iOS, Android, HTML5 and even Flash.

Experiential Games

for Highest Customer Engagement

Apart from the regular casual games, there is a category of learning games that teach vital skills and life hacks via the gameplay. Such games come under the category of experiential games which are known for garnering highest customer interaction. We are one of the best video game developers known to offer experiential games. A host of game making websites and businesses turn to us to develop experiential games that can provide intensive training to their employees or a particular sect of people. We offer both mobile game development and web game development services.

Industries we serve-

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Government & Public Sectors


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Transport & Logistics


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Communications & Media


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Retail & E-commerce


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Healthcare & Fitness


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Banking & Insurance