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Events are organized by the companies with an aim to target a specific audience by providing training-cum-promotional tools. Sometimes, events are organized to keep your employees motivated and to encourage learning. Whatever the purpose may be, events need to be intriguing, interactive and attention-grabbing then only they can achieve the intended goals. We at Maxtron help in making your events a great success. We provide all-around support ranging from event registration software to conducting it successfully. We provide great audience experience by infusing technology in every event. We provide an event planning software that designs a blueprint of the entire event including the registration process, event booking, and planning of on-site fixtures such as lighting, audiovisual, sound and various technologies that will create an immersive experience. Our technologists can completely transform the minimalistic venue to a rock-solid arena.

Solutions by Maxtron 

Rapid Web & Mobile App Development

for the quickest delivery

Maxtron will create an event planning software through which you can plan and prepare all the events efficaciously. We even provide event management website or event organizer app so that you can streamline your processes and aim for quickest delivery. The customers can surf your website easily or install an app for event registration, booking and for receiving updates related to the events. We design user-friendly app and website where customers can navigate easily and clarify their doubts in no time.

Event Management Suite

Our event management software suite consists of robust tools that aid right from planning of the events to its successful implementation. The suite includes solutions such as event planning software, event registration software, event booking software, meeting management software and event management website. You can also go for our all-inclusive event management software that will include all the resources from planning to the registration.

Smart Cards

We simplify the event management processes by providing an array of tools and services. One such tool is a smart card. Once the users are registered for the events, they can be provided with smart cards that will act as entry pass and allow them to enter the venues of the events easily by scanning it against NFC enabled devices.

Experiential Devices

Experiential technology can enhance the live viewing experience especially during the events and that is exactly what we do. We transform the event venue into a digital arena with experiential technology and devices that takes the audiences to another level. We provide provisions like touch walls, interactive devices, 3D effects and any more that create an immersive experience.  

Experiential Games

Experiential games have the power to explain complex concepts through the simplified gameplay. You can get experiential games developed for the corporate events that will help in garnering highest user engagement which in turn will make your event successful.

Interactive Touchwall

The next generation smart library built for ITC, with fully automated technology which works without a librarian/ admin at the desk. The whole process happens through software giving smart analytics, reminders and real-time tracking.

Industries we serve-

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Government & Public Sectors


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Transport & Logistics


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Communications & Media


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Retail & E-commerce


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Healthcare & Fitness


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Banking & Insurance