Data Analytics

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Data Analytics

Data is a powerful entity that can help businesses in creating stellar strategies catering to the needs of the customers, which in turn, drive success for the business. Data of all kinds be it customer’s data, market trends, company’s profile, history, sales pattern, preferences, competitor’s data and all other useful data can be translated into meaningful insights if it is analyzed properly. This is where data analytics is required.

Data Analytics (DA) is a component of business intelligence and data mining that allows businesses to gain valuable insights. A large chunk of data is mined from various sources and then it is analyzed to extract useful data out of it. Thus DA fetches valuable data that help the business in making well-informed decisions.
Almost every sector and industry ranging from healthcare to the education industry can benefit from DA. Using robust DA tools, various sectors get insights into the customers and market which can be utilized to enhance the efficiency, quality, cost-effectiveness as well as the profitability of the business. An array of DA tools mine useful data from different sources which are then converted into actionable insights. In addition to data, DA tools can also be used to make predictions of impending risks or high-demands so that the industries are well equipped to handle these situations.

Benefits of integrating DA

  • DA provides useful data that enhance workforce efficiency.
  • It makes the processes cost effective.
  • Offers predictions on the basis of various factors like customer preferences, weather, season, holidays, etc
  • Helps in finding out the errors and in rectifying them.
  • Enhances customer experience by offering insights on customer preferences
  • Helps in elevating the business by facilitating well-informed decisions.


Data Analytics has the potential to empower the banks with more insights and predictions related to customers so that the banks can offer the best deals and offers. It provides valuable information to the banks that can be used in fraud detection, prediction of the credit limit, anticipating the amount of cash required in various ATMs, etc. We offer complete Data Analysis to help banks in elevating their revenues.


  • Using our DA solutions, the banks can retain their customers and offer better offers as well as deals to them.
  • We link external variables like customer preferences, interest rate, etc, to internal variables like payments, credit score, assets, etc, to empower the banks in up selling as well as cross-selling right products to the right customers.
  • We utilize data analytics tools to help the banks in predicting the credit limit that they can risk on the customers
  • Our robust DA tools help in predicting the best offers and deals that can lure specific customers.
  • We also exploit DA tools to predict those customers who’ll reduce their dealings with the bank.

Transport & Logistics

We exploit DA tools to streamline the supply chain and remove all the bottlenecks in the chain. We offer end to end solution ranging from freight optimization, route optimization, inventory management to demand forecasting using DA.


  • We use DA tools to find the best route for the trucks and to optimize the freight capacity thereby leading to cost-effectiveness.
  • Our DA tools help in ensuring that the stocks are maintained at all times. We use predictive tools to find the demands so that the inventories are stocked accordingly.
  • The big data approach in freight management helps in timely maintenance of trucks and other machinery.
  • Our predictive analytics tools help in finding out the shipments cost and inventory levels so that the business can make better decisions.
  • Our analytics tools help in finding out the demand and the estimated quantities of materials so as to meet festival demands and other seasonal demands.
  • The critical parameters can also be controlled by exploiting DA tools.


The retail sector can benefit the most from the data that comes from all business verticals. Our DA solutions can empower the retail owners to get insights that can allow them to attract the customers for a sale. Furthermore, we also offer various predictions so that the retail owners can run their business effectively.

  • We give details about the product features & specifications that are preferred by most of the customers while those that are not adopted by the customers.
  • Our robust DA tools analyze previous search and order pattern of the customers in order to suggest recommendations.
  • We also carry out an analysis of customer sentiments.
  • Our DA tools can be exploited to predict the choices of the customers in the coming times.
  • We also help retailers in price optimization. Our DA tools help in carrying out a market survey to find useful data. The tools also help in predicting the prices that must be charged from the customers based on their location, season and other factors.
  • Our advanced DA tools also help the retailers to find out the best location to open new stores.


Data Analytics has the power to enhance the education system by empowering educators to offer personalized tutoring to the students. Our DA tools help the educators to assess the potential of students, make customizable study plans, determine the concentration power of students, predict the ideal career choice for the students and much more.


  • Our DA tools collect various parameters and then determine whether a student would score well or perform badly in the exams. It can then notify the educators about the weak students. The tools also help in finding out the weak points and strong points of the candidates. In this way, educators can create a customized study plan for each student.
  • We can exploit our robust DA tools to predict the potential of a student from his responses in the entry-level exam.
  • Our DA tools can help the educational institutes in finding the reason behind the attrition of the students. The tools also suggest best measures that can be taken to reduce the attrition rate.
  • We can exploit digital DA software to track the practices adopted by the brilliant students. These practices can then be followed by other students to score better grades.
  • Our DA tools also find the best career option for the student based on his/her performance, interests and other parameters.


With the help of Data Analytics, various Government organizations can get details and useful insights. From the prediction of traffic, fire risks in the buildings to finding the localities that lack certain medicines, DA tools can be deployed by the government bodies to perform their task effectively.


  • Our robust DA tools can be deployed to predict fire in buildings by analyzing data related to the building such as the age of the property, its location, building’s size, building’s structure, etc.
  • The government hospitals can deploy DA tools to find more information and history of the patients. The tools can track the home town or location of the patient so that the trends of diseases can be analyzed.
  • Our DA tools can help the educational institutes in finding the reason behind the attrition of the students. The tools also suggest best measures that can be taken to reduce the attrition rate.
  • DA tools can be leveraged to study health records, location data, disease data and population data to find the areas that are in shortage of medicines.
  • These can also be used in controlling traffic.


The manufacturing industries can leverage DA tools to get more data at their end that can be used to improve the efficiency of the processes, which in turn, leads to cost-effectiveness. The DA tools offer an array of advantages to the manufacturing sector ranging from reduction in errors, regulatory compliance to inventory management. Our DA solutions can also offer better forecasting of various business aspects.


  • Our robust DA tools enhance the manufacturing process. They help in error detection and correction in the manufacturing process thereby leading to a better quality of products.
  • The error deduction and timely correction can also help in the reduction of the cost of packaging and production.
  • Our DA tools empower the manufacturers by offering real-time insights into the supply chain which helps in inventory management and cost management.
  • The DA tools can also be used to find the shortest route possible which saves both time and money.
  • With the real-time shop floor data offered by the DA tools, the manufacturers can enhance workforce efficiency.

Health & Fitness

Our DA tools can be deployed in the field of healthcare to allow the doctors to get more data about each patient and to provide best in class healthcare facilities to the patients.  From better analysis of patient’s data, accurate diagnosis to customized treatment, DA tools can add several benefits to the healthcare sector. Furthermore, it can also be used to track the fitness level of the patients.


  • Our robust DA tools can analyze patient’s data, history records, family records and other data to understand the condition of patients.
  • The tools can be deployed to analyze various medical reports like CT-Scan, X-Ray, etc to diagnose the conditions of the patients effectively.
  • There are various fitness tracker apps that can be used by the patients to keep a check on their fitness level. These apps can provide the patient’s data to the doctors and physicians so that they can monitor the patient’s in real-time.
  • DA tools can analyze various test reports and compare them with the test reports of various other patients to accurately detect diseases. These can also be used to offer customized treatment to the patients.
  • DA tools can also be deployed in the pharmaceutical sector to develop medicines for a disease quickly and efficiently by analyzing various data.

Media & Communications

The media and communications industry can advantage from data analytics by receiving more insights and useful information at their fingertips. An array of DA tools can be deployed by the industry to understand the sentiments and preferences of readers so that the right content can be created as well as delivered to the right audience. Data Analytics can also offer better information that leads to better communication.


  • Our robust DA tools give topic and news suggestion to the media industry that has chances of going viral.
  • The tools help in finding the user-specific keywords so that the content can be created catering to the readers.
  • The tools also help in finding out the flaws in the content chain so that these can be minimized.
  • Our robust DA tools enhance corporate communication by offering more data and better insights.


The gaming industry is on a rise. However, the game developers need to move with the expectations of the gamers and continuously offer an extraordinary gaming experience to keep them hooked. This is possible only if they have data of gamer trends, their preferences and their dislikes. This is where the gaming industry needs to deploy data analytics. Our DA solutions can fetch insights and useful data to the game developers so that they can improvise their game accordingly and keep on winning the gamers.


  • DA tools find out the features and functionality that should be included in the new version of the game so that the existing customers can be retained and new customers can be attracted.
  • With advanced data analytics, the game developers can find the features that the gamers like and the ones that they dislike. In this way, the game developers can improvise the game.
  • The DA tools can analyze the behavior of gamers to predict the functionality they expect from the game as well as its characters.