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New innovations in technologies have majorly impacted the retail, media as well as travel industries and are gradually extending their roots to the universities and educational institutions. This will not imperil the physical presence of schools and universities but will change their teaching methods. Technology has reinforced the education system and facilitated in making the education easily accessible over a wider area. This changing landscape of education sector has posed a challenge for the universities to meet the technological needs of the students. The students are expecting good interaction with the colleges and this is the underlying factor they adopt while choosing a college or university.

Hence, the education providers are opting for new technologies and are emphasizing on a digital platform. You can seek our expertise to lend a helping hand in your digital journey. We provide an array of services to the educational institutions including college management software, school website design and student management software. We bring the concept of adaptive learning to the institutions thereby enhancing the overall learning experience. Our digital solutions including student information system software help the colleges to gain a 360-degree view of the students and to carry out education system more efficaciously by providing personalized courses.

Solutions by Maxtron 

Digital Campus

for Institutes

Many institutions are opting for Digital campus that can aid them in providing education and useful student-related resources on the web. We provide education website design and create a website that contains all the information about the college and its offerings. We create a campus management system for the institutions that help them in providing online learning solutions and managing the student’s data efficaciously. We even provide school administration software that keeps a record of student’s personal data including attendance, family details, co-curricular activities, holidays, grades and performance throughout the year.

The digital campus is a boon for the parents who want to track their child’s performance in a college or an institution. The software provides different login credentials to each student to log in and accesses their data including result, attendance, events, school calendar, online fee payments and other resources.

Content Management & learning Management system.

It is very important for a school or university to continuously impart training and publish content for the students so that they can easily interact with it. Content management is concerned with publishing the content and editing or updating it aligning to the latest changes. On the other hand, learning management is concerned with managing the learning resources. Maxtron provides robust solutions for content and learning management.

Adaptive Leaning Solutions

It is witnessed that teaching students through add-on tools like animation, videos and audios have always been beneficial since the students learn more through visualization than from books. We provide adaptive learning solutions that understand student’s needs and provide customized learning solutions.

Performance Improvement Tracking

At times, it becomes necessary for the school or college to track student’s performance. The administration will look towards the student’s performance and take necessary actions to improve their performance. Maxtron creates school administration software and college management software that help in tracking each student’s performance.

Massive Open Online Course (MOOC)

Massive Open Online Courses (MOOC) are the free courses in which every student can take part. It is similar to distance education and emphasizes of online learning. Maxtron creates platforms or student website where you can easily integrate MOOC’s.

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