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The contribution of banks to the growth of country’s economy is colossal. Nowadays, various banks are migrating towards digitalization so as to improve the services and for customer’s convenience. This is leading towards consistent user experience, proper analytics as well as a stable infrastructure. To encourage digital transactions, many facilities such as reduction in taxes and many more are provided by the government so that more and more people are attracted towards it. This has given rise to digital payments.

Maxtron provides scalable services to the world’s leading banks and financial institutes. Not only we take strategic initiatives, but also create innovative delivery models and banking applications. Banking software application and robust banking infrastructure help in pulling valuable insights from banking data that can be used to improve users experience and to make banking more convenient.

Solutions by Maxtron 

Secured Digital Payment Applications

The new and very convenient way of transferring money from the payer to the payee is via online mode. There are many digital payment applications such as Paytm, Paypal, PhonePe, UPI and many more that make digital payments seamless. You can also get a digital payment application created for your bank by leveraging our expertise. We create robust and user-friendly applications that keep a record of transactions automatically and provide a secured digital payment platform so that customers can send and receive money conveniently and safely.

Risk & Compliance Management Solutions 

Banking data and financial organizations are subject to risks and need to be compliant with the statutory requirements. However, you can leverage our risk and compliance management solution that identifies the risks and take control measures to safeguard the banking data and processes. We employ smart technologies for proper governance, risk, and compliance. Our cutting-edge solutions help in capitalizing on the risks and driving business performance. We take a holistic approach to compliance and risk.

Credit Processing Solutions

We provide credit processing solutions to the banks and financial institutions whereby we develop a software that can update the transactions in real-time. Our robust software provides safe and effective credit processing solutions.

Big Data & Analytic Solutions

Maxtron creates software that helps in analyzing the data. Analysing data means analyzing or forecasting future revenue and risk that your company may face. By analyzing the data you can easily analyze customer segmentation, all the channels relating to the customer such as mobile featuring apps and much more stuff. Through this, you can easily analyze a market such as the sales or success in the market. You can also analyze risks such as risk credit, market, business and many more.

Customer-centric Modeling

We believe in customer-centric modeling where we understand the needs of your business and develop well-tailored solutions. We track customer interaction and analyze customer experience to devise software that caters to the needs of the customers.

Industries we serve-

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Healthcare & Fitness


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Banking & Insurance



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Wealth & Asset Management

Retail Banking

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Payments & Cards

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