Artificial Intelligence

Smarter your product, smarter is your business


Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence, machine learning and data science are the technologies that are making waves in almost every sector today. These technologies are bringing a colossal transformation in the way different sectors interact, operate and carry out their business. The technology has added the element of convenience to gadgets, machines, appliances and software.

AI is a disruptive technology that entails to the ability of machines to interact with each other and perform various tasks. Since the machines work with meager or no human intervention, they are considered to possess intelligence. In a nutshell, AI is a technology whereby machines are programmed to make intelligence decisions like humans. AI has the capability to empower every sector ranging from banking, retail and education to the government sector.

Voice assistant like Siri, Google, Alexa, etc; virtual assistant & chatbots; prediction of future trends, demand, prices, etc; and sending personalized recommendations of products and services to the customers on the basis of their buying/searching pattern are just some of the applications of AI. The technology can automate most of the task and save human efforts as well as time. With AI, the daily operations in an organization can be streamlined and completed quickly. So, the people are left with ample time to focus on other important issues that can contribute to the success of the business. Thus, AI boosts productivity as well as the efficiency of an organization where it is implemented. It also facilitates the businesses to offer a gratifying experience to the customers. So, there is not even a single reason to ignore this mighty technology.

Forbes gave out some interesting stats pertaining to AI according to which 80% of companies all around the world are already using some form of AI while 30% companies want to augment their investments in the technology. In such a scenario, if you don’t want to lag behind others, then you should integrate this technology into your business’ infrastructure.

Benefits of integrating AI in your business

  • Automation of daily tasks to save time, efforts and resources
  • Enhances productivity as well as efficiency
  • Offers predictions on the basis of various factors like customer preferences, weather, season, holidays, etc
  • Eradicates human error
  • Enhances customer experience by offering insights on customer preferences
  • Maximizes sales opportunities


We empower retail businesses with machine learning and data science to make smart moves that elevate their business. From inventory management, price management to revenue forecasting, we can extend our support in different verticals thereby allowing the retailer to handle their business smartly.


  • We exploit machine learning to allow the customers to optimize their prices in real-time by considering factors such as competitor’s price, weather, market trend and sales data.
  • We empower the retailers to exploit predictive analytics to find out what to stock, where to stock and how much to stock in real-time by considering factors such as weather, preferences, regional trend, etc.
  • Ecommerce, as well as Brick and Mortar retailers, can offer recommendations to the customers based on their previous order/search and social networks.
  • We can turn the table for you by making smart revenue forecasting not based on your previous customers but based on the buying behavior of potential customers.


Our AI solutions can help educational institutes and educators to disseminate knowledge in a better way. From automating the administrative task, content creation to smart tutoring, AI can execute everything seamlessly.


  • Using AI, we automate most of the task of school administrators and teachers so that they can focus more on the students. AI can be leveraged to grade the students, assess their application and classify the papers.
  • AI can be exploited to create smart content that can be delivered by educators during a session. The modern-day AI-powered robots have prowess equivalent to a human, so they can create content even without human’s intervention giving way to a whole new world of possibilities.
  • In addition to the creation of smart study guides, AI tools can be used to figure out the difficulties faced by the individual student. In this way, personalized solutions and tutoring can be offered to the student catering to their educational needs.


Our AI solutions can be leveraged in the banking sector to engage the customers, offer a fulfilling experience to them, enhance their lifetime value, and to address their issues in the earliest thereby reducing the support cost.


  • AI can be exploited to predict the needs of the customers and to effectively engage with them. These tools help the banks to offer a personalized experience to each customer.
  • AI powered-bots can be used to address the queries of the customers and put them under the notice of suitable support person in order to get them resolved in the earliest. In fact, the bots can handle most of the general queries without the need for any human intervention.
  • AI tools can be used to offer recommendations to the customers related to the products and services they’ve been looking for. It also assists them in making a well-informed buying decision.

Transport & Logistics

Those operating in this sector can leverage our AI solutions to automate their tasks and to have better control over stocks and prices. Our AI solutions can be used in the sector to garner many benefits ranging from increasing operational efficiency to price and inventory optimization.


  • AI tools are helpful in predicting demands in terms of daily volume. These tools analyze market data, historical records and customer data to accurately anticipate the demand.
  • The tools empower the service providers so they can optimize delivery routes and the task of resource allocation.
  • The AI tools such as predictive analysis consider all the factors like fuel cost, market trend, transport time, weather, etc to anticipate the best pricing for a shipment.
  • AI algorithms can be exploited by the service providers to ensure the availability of trucks and to manage supplier inventory.


Machine Learning has the tendency to bring a revolution in the way government bodies operate. Our AI solutions can be exploited by the government to make well-informed decisions and manage the tasks effectively.


  • The government can keep a check on the pollution level of a city by exploiting AI tools. The government body can predict the pollution level by analyzing weather pattern and then take suitable actions to regulate the traffic as well as the industries emiting pollutants.
  • Robust AI tools can be exploited to predict fire in the buildings. Predictive analysis helps in identifying the location, size, structure and year of the building so that such incidences can be avoided.
  • AI tools can be leveraged by the traffic officers to manage the flow of traffic and to optimize the traffic.
  • The government can also use AI to connect the callers with a person who is best equipped to solve their issues.

Media & Communications

AI can bring a radical change to the media & communication industry. The application of AI in media industry ranges from content curation catering to the audiences to delivering it to the right set of target audiences. Furthermore, it facilitates better communication between businesses and audiences. Even the businesses can communicate with machines to enhance day-to-day routine.


  • It provides valuable insights and real-time updates that can enhance communication.
  • Cutting-edge technologies like VR and AR can be exploited to deliver news to the target audience. The editors and other team members can attend virtual conference and meetings from their home.
  • Using AI, the crisis is handled in a much better way as bots are deployed to assist communication leaders. This leads to a more practical decision.
  • It can enhance corporate communication by making it identity-based.
  • AI tools can be deployed to catch lies and fraud identities and give way to more secure corporate communication.
  • The technology helps in suggesting a topic and curating content catering to the customers.
  • AI tools can be deployed to identify bottlenecks in the content supply chain.


This is the era of an industrial revolution whereby machines and state-of-the-art technologies work in close collaboration to optimize the manufacturing processes. In such a scenario, AI can pave way for better & faster manufacturing, less wastage, reduced material waste, enhanced productivity and reuse of materials.


  • AI tools can be deployed to notify when a machine needs maintenance. Predictive maintenance can enhance the life of machines and lead to uninterrupted processes.
  • An array of AI tools can be deployed to monitor the manufacturing processes. The AI software can use the data to detect and correct defects, enhance output in order to make the production process more efficient.
  • AI tools help designers with generative designs. All they have to do is to supply information such as design goals, materials used and cost constraints into the software and, then it would show different design alternatives.
  • The machines and processes can be monitored with the help of AI sensors to detect problems. In this way, downtime can be prevented.


AI, when integrated into the healthcare sector, leads to better analysis of reports and patient’s condition, enhanced data management, improved medical consultation, better fitness tracking and improvement in the quality of treatment. AI empowers the healthcare sectors in an array of tasks ranging from monitoring patients, analysis of patient’s information to the identification of diseases through test results.


  • An array of health trackers can be deployed to monitor activity levels and heart rate.
  • AI tools can be deployed to analyze as well as compile patient’s data in a better way that can be used by the doctors for the treatment.
  • AI tools can help in analyzing the report. They compare patient’s report with other similar reports in the database and helps in predicting a disease at an early stage.
  • AI tools also help the doctors to choose the best treatment.
  • The doctors and nurse can monitor the patient’s condition using digital tools and offer timely help.
  • AI tools also help in developing pharmaceuticals. It can help in quickly creating medicines for various diseases.


A game needs to be immersive as well as interactive in order to keep the gamers hooked. AI can empower the game developers to make the games highly-engaging. It can be deployed in the gaming industry to take the gaming experience to the next level. From character customization based on gamers behavior to incorporating gesture control and voice commands, the game industry can evolve drastically with AI.


  • AI can be leveraged in the games to make the characters more powerful. They’ll be able to analyze user behavior and learn as well as evolve accordingly.
  • AI along with powerful AR and VR tools can make the game more realistic and gripping.
  • AI can facilitate real-time customization of scenarios.