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Automation is the need of the hour and applying new innovations in technologies increase the productivity of the firm, which in turn augments the firm’s revenues. Hence, automation can help the companies in gaining more profit. Furthermore, it leads to well-organized inventory, better visibility of orders, a boost in the firm’s sales force and proper record-keeping of the transactions.

Maxtron provides manufacturing software solutions to all manufacturing industries. We help in maintaining a sound connection between the production team and the suppliers for better supply chain management. We provide manufacturing software solutions that align the production processes with the needs of the customers.

Solutions by Maxtron 

Supply chain optimization

We develop supply chain management software for the manufacturers so that your goods are easily transported from the supplier to the customers. The supply chain network optimization models help in the optimization of resources including raw materials, conversion of raw materials into finished goods and then supplying them to the customers. Hence, the supply chain management optimization models play a very crucial part in manufacturing industries. We also provide manufacturing accounting software that keeps a record of all the accounts activity.

E-Procurement and ERP

Maxtron provides manufacturing ERP software for manufacturing industries which automates, manages and integrates the processes such as HR, planning, purchasing, sales, marketing, and finance. The manufacturing ERP software aids in streamlining the processes and facilitate the flow of information. We offer e-procurement solutions that facilitate in simplifying the workflow and making the procurement process accessible and seamless.

Customer and dealer management

We develop software for manufacturing companies that create a proper channel between the dealer and the customers. Maxtron offers customer management software which will provide useful insights about the customers so that these can be used to increase customer’s satisfaction. We develop dealer management system that helps the dealers in keeping a record of sales, revenues, and other details.

After sales services

The after sale support of automobile company is a big hassle. We reduce the hassle by developing dealer management software that keeps a record of the cars before and after the sales. It is also helpful for efficacious servicing of the vehicles.

Content management

The manufacturing firms share a host of content in the form of manuals, guides, and catalogs on a daily basis. The task of managing and updating can at times become tedious and time-consuming. So we develop software for the manufacturing industry that keeps a record of all the content that is shared. The content is stored and updated in real-time on the systems which save times and enhances the accuracy.

Industries we serve-

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Government & Public Sectors


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Transport & Logistics


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Communications & Media


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Retail & E-commerce


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Healthcare & Fitness


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Banking & Insurance