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Maxtron & Team

An ideal company to be your technology partner


About Maxtron

Maxtron Innovations is a Global Digital Product Engineering Service & Consulting company founded by a team of IITians. We believe in harnessing the power of digital technology to build a business and grow it by uniting and delivering magnificent insights to businesses across all verticals. With our unmatched excellence in design, technology and business strategies we transform your idea into a meaningful, high performance product which helps you build or optimise your business. From startups to enterprises we enhance visibility, usability and efficiency for them. Our leadership team has a global experience of working in top corporates like IBM, Pwc, Adobe, Ogilvy & Mather, Deutsche bank, Mullenlowe Lintas etc. Our Inhouse R&D team “Maxtron Labs” provides a roadmap to various design & technology aspects to come up with an innovative product in the market. Maxtron Labs further helps your business excel with a guided roadmap for the entire product engineering lifecycle.


Client Demographics

Leading Team

Our leadership them involves some of the top visionary, creative and strategic minds. They extend their passion by working and growing with Maxtron.

Team – Website-01

Girish Ahirwar

Director- Growth & Processes
Team – Website-02

Prashant Ahirwar

Director- Strategy
Team – Website-03

Sriram Sarad Samoju

Director- Projects
Team – Website-04

Karan Bedi

Director- Technology
Team – Website-06

Bhaskar Saikia

VP- Digital Strategy
Team – Website-05

Abhishek Jha

VP - Analytics
Team – Website-07

Ranak Choudhuri

VP- Communications
Team – Website-08

Anshul Sharma

VP - Technology
Want Maxtron to work with you? Let us guide you how to proceed further

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